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Legislation Division of AGC

Singapore Statutes Online ("SSO") is a free service provided to the public by the Legislation Division of the Attorney-General's Chambers.

The Legislation Division of the Attorney-General's Chambers is Singapore's central law drafting office. The Legislation Division is responsible for drafting Singapore's legislation for the effective implementation of Government policies and public sector programmes. The Legislation Division also advises the Government and other public sector agencies on the development and translation of public policies into legislation and the initial implementation of legislation, and ensures 24/7 online access to Singapore's legislation.    

Singapore Statutes Online     

SSO is a Singapore Government website managed by the Legislation Division. SSO provides the public free online access to Singapore's legislation and contains the following:             

(a) Current legislation;
(b) Historical versions of legislation;
(c) Revised editions of legislation;  
(d) Legislation and Bills as published in the Acts, Subsidiary Legislation and Bills Supplements of the Singapore Government Gazette;
(e) Repealed/revoked/spent legislation.   

Please note that legislation and Bills prior to 1998 in categories (b) to (e) are not fully available on SSO. SSO only displays pre-1998 legislation and Bills in categories (b) to (e) where digital records of such instruments are available.


SSO's logo

SSO-PLUS The red and black bars in SSO's logo signify the traditional red binders and black binders used in Singapore for the official print versions of Acts of Parliament and Subsidiary Legislation, respectively.    

"PLUS" in SSO's logo refers to the "Plain Laws Understandable by Singaporeans" Project launched by the Legislation Division in November 2013 to enhance the public’s access to and understanding of Singapore’s legislation. The use of “PLUS” in SSO's logo signifies the revamp of SSO in 2017 in line with the objectives of the PLUS Project.       

SSO's development


SSO provides the unofficial version of Singapore's legislation. The legislation content of SSO is not and should not be relied upon as the authoritative text of Singapore's legislation. Section 48 of the Interpretation Act (Cap. 1) does not apply to anything printed, downloaded or copied from SSO. See also FAQ B1 on obtaining the official text of Singapore legislation.

While every reasonable effort is made to keep SSO accurate and up to date, the Government of Singapore makes no warranty or representation as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of SSO.

The Government of Singapore does not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or liability of any kind (whether actual, anticipated, consequential, special, economic or otherwise) that may arise (directly or indirectly) from the use of or reliance on SSO (or any of its contents) by any person.

The contents of SSO are not a substitute for independent professional advice. Users of SSO should obtain appropriate professional advice as to the content, application and interpretation of Singapore's legislation that may be relevant to the users' particular circumstances.


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