Investigations into deaths
10.—(1)  A police officer who comes across or receives any information about any death which is, or appears to be, a reportable death shall —
(a)if the body is in Singapore, proceed immediately to the spot where the body is lying or the death is believed to have occurred; and
(b)use his best endeavours to investigate the cause of and circumstances connected with the death of the deceased.
(2)  If the police officer is unable to comply with subsection (1), he shall immediately inform his superior officer who shall depute some other police officer who shall comply with that subsection.
(3)  Any police officer who has seen the body may —
(a)cause the body to be removed to such place as he may direct, pending an order of a Coroner to release the body; or
(b)secure and preserve the scene where the body was found, pending further investigations.
[CPC, s. 273]
Police officer to report to Coroner
11.—(1)  After a police officer has started investigations into a death, he shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, inform a Coroner of the death and any particulars concerning the cause of death which have come to his knowledge.
(2)  The police officer investigating into the cause of death shall —
(a)from time to time, furnish the Coroner with such further particulars concerning the death as may subsequently come to his knowledge, together with the name of any person who has been arrested and charged in connection with the death; and
(b)comply with such directions as the Coroner may give concerning the investigation.
[CPC, s. 273]