Subsidiary Legislation

Companies Act
Not current version (effective from 31 Aug 2018 to 30 Sep 2018)
Short Title     |   Number
Cancellation of Direction under Section 27(1)(d)
Cancellation of Direction under Section 27(1)(d)
Cancellation of Directions under Section 27(1)(d)
Companies (Accounting Standards) Regulations
Companies (Application of Bankruptcy Act Provisions) Regulations
Companies (Composition of Offences) Regulations 2015
Companies (Exempt Private Companies) (Consolidation) Notification
Companies (Exemption) Order 2002
Companies (Fees and Late Lodgment Penalties) Regulations 2015
Companies (Filing of Documents) Regulations
Companies (Identical Names) Regulations 2015
Companies (Maximum Amount Payable in Priority in Winding Up) Order 2015
Companies (Model Constitutions) Regulations 2015
Companies (Prescribed Arrangements) Regulations 2017
Companies (Prescribed Companies and Entities) Order 2017
Companies (Prescribed Percentage under Section 76B(3) and (3B)) Notification 2013
Companies (Proofs of Debt in Schemes of Arrangement) Regulations 2017
Companies (Register of Controllers and Nominee Directors) Regulations 2017
Companies (Revision of Defective Financial Statements, or Consolidated Financial Statements or Balance-sheet) Regulations 2018
Companies (Revocation) Regulations 2018