Appeals to High Court
18.—(1)  Except as provided in this section and sections 16 and 17, the decision of the Tribunal shall be final.
(2)  The applicant, the Commissioner on behalf of the applicant, a respondent, an approved person or organisation or any other affected party may appeal to the High Court from the decision of the Tribunal upon any question of law or of mixed law and fact except in any case where the Tribunal has made the order with the consent of the parties, including a maintenance order made by the President or deputy President and deemed to be a maintenance order made by the Tribunal under section 5(2A), unless it is alleged that the consent was obtained by means of fraud, duress, threat or misrepresentation.
[37/2010 wef 15/03/2011]
(3)  The procedure governing any such appeal to the High Court shall be as provided for in the Rules of Court.
[Act 2 of 2012 wef 01/03/2012]
(4)  The High Court shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine any such appeal and may confirm, vary or annul the decision of the Tribunal on appeal and make such further or other order on such appeal, whether as to costs or otherwise, as the Court may consider fit.
(5)  There shall be no further right of appeal from decisions of the High Court unless the High Court reserves for the decision of the Court of Appeal any question of law of public interest which has arisen in the course of the appeal and the determination of which by the High Court has affected the event of the appeal.