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NO. 34]Friday, August 17 [2007

The following Act was passed by Parliament on 17th July 2007 and assented to by the President on 27th July 2007:—
Optometrists and Opticians Act 2007

(No. 36 of 2007)

I assent.

27th July 2007.
Date of Commencement: 22nd February 2008
An Act to provide for the registration of optometrists and opticians, to regulate their practices and to provide for purposes connected therewith, to repeal the Contact Lens Practitioners Act (Chapter 53A of the 2002 Revised Edition) and to make a consequential amendment to the Central Provident Fund Act (Chapter 36 of the 2001 Revised Edition).
Be it enacted by the President with the advice and consent of the Parliament of Singapore, as follows:
Short title and commencement
1.  This Act may be cited as the Optometrists and Opticians Act 2007 and shall come into operation on such date as the Minister may, by notification in the Gazette, appoint.
2.  In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —
“Board” means the Optometrists and Opticians Board established under section 4;
“certificate of registration” means a certificate of registration issued by the Board under section 17;
“Director” means the Director of Medical Services;
“eye care” means any form of healthcare that is related to the diagnosis and treatment of eye or vision-related conditions;
“inspector” means an inspector appointed by the Board under section 31(1);
“institution of higher learning” means a polytechnic or university;
“medical practitioner” means a person who is registered under the Medical Registration Act (Cap. 174);
“member” means a member of the Board;
“ophthalmologist” means a person who is, by virtue of registration in the Register of Specialists under the Medical Registration Act, entitled to practise as a specialist in ophthalmology;
“optical appliances” means lenses, spectacles, eyeglasses, artificial eyes, contact lenses or appurtenances thereto for the aid or correction of visual or ocular anomalies of the eyes;
“optician” means a person who is registered in the Register of Opticians under this Act;
“opticianry” or “the practice of opticianry” means any of the acts or activities specified in Part I of the Schedule;
“optometrist” means a person who is registered in the Register of Optometrists under this Act;
“optometry” or “the practice of optometry” means any of the acts or activities specified in Part II of the Schedule;
“practising certificate” means a practising certificate issued under section 18;
“refraction” means an eye examination to measure the power of vision;
“Register of Opticians” means the Register of Opticians kept and maintained under section 13(1)(b);
“Register of Optometrists” means the Register of Optometrists kept and maintained under section 13(1)(a);
“registered person” means a person who is registered under section 15 for the carrying out of any practice of optometry or opticianry;
“Registrar” means the Registrar of the Board;
“registration” means the registration of any person under section 15 as an optometrist or optician;
“regulations” means regulations made under section 37.
3.  This Act shall not apply to any ophthalmologist in relation to his practice of optometry or opticianry.