National Library Act
(Chapter 197, Section 10)
National Library Rules
R 2
G.N. No. S 459/1989

(25th March 1992)
[1st December 1989]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the National Library Rules.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —
“card” means a card issued under rule 5;
“Library” means any library forming part of the National Library;
“member” means a person who is registered under rule 3 and who holds a valid card conferring borrowing privileges;
“reader” means a person whether or not he is a member, who enters the Library building to refer to or use any library material therein.
Registration of members
3.—(1)  The Director may register the following persons as members of the Library:
(a)citizens of Singapore and permanent residents on presentation of their identity cards, and for those below the age of 12 years on presentation of their birth certificates; and
(b)persons who are not citizens of Singapore who attend a school, or are resident or work in Singapore, on presentation of their passports or other valid documents of identity and on payment of a deposit of $10 for those who enrol in the Adult or Young People’s Section and of a deposit of $5 for those who enrol in the Children’s Section.
(2)  Persons below the age of 12 years or who are in primary schools shall be registered as members of the Children’s Section, those between the ages of 12 and 19 years shall be registered as members of the Young People’s Section and those of the age of 20 years and above shall be registered as members of the Adult Section.
Power to exempt
4.  The Director may, in his discretion, exempt any class or classes of persons from the payment of the whole or part of the deposit payable under rule 3.
Membership cards
5.—(1)  Every member of the Library shall be issued with a membership card to enable him to borrow library material.
(2)  The card shall entitle a member to borrow library material in such quantity or in such numbers as may be determined by the Director from the Children’s, Young People’s and Adult Sections of the Library.
(3)  A member shall present his card whenever he borrows any library material.
Refund of deposit
6.  Any deposit paid under rule 3 shall be returned to a member on his ceasing to be a member of the Library after deducting any outstanding fines or other charges incurred by reason of damage to or non-return of library material borrowed by him.
Change of addresses
7.  Every member shall notify the Director immediately in person or in writing of any change of his address.
Card not transferable
8.—(1)  The card issued to a member under rule 5 shall not be transferable.
(2)  Any person who ceases to be a member of the Library shall return the card issued to him to the Director for cancellation.
Loss of card
9.  A member shall report to the Director immediately the loss of the card issued to him and may have it replaced on payment of such replacement fee as the Director may determine.
Loss of or damage to borrowed library material
10.  A member shall be responsible for any library material which is borrowed on his card and may be required to pay for the loss or damage of any library material borrowed by him at such rate as the Director may determine having regard to the replacement or other costs of the library material lost or damaged.
Borrowing period
11.—(1)  The period allowed for retaining borrowed library material shall be 21 days or for such other period as the Director may specify.
(2)  If the library material is not required by another member, the period may be extended for a further 21 days or for such other period as may be specified by the Director.
12.—(1)  A member who retains library material beyond 21 days without an extension of the loan period being granted shall pay the appropriate fine as set out in paragraph (2).
(2)  The fine to be paid shall be the sum of 10 cents per day for each day that the library material has been retained beyond the loan period except that the total fine shall not exceed $25 in respect of each item of library material borrowed and in respect of which a fine is payable.
(3)  In the computation of days for which fines are payable, days when the library is closed shall not be included.
(4)  The Director may in any particular case waive the payment of a fine or refund any fine that has been paid.
(5)  A member shall not be permitted to borrow any other library material until any fine incurred by him has been paid.
13.  A member may, on payment of such fee as the Director may determine, reserve such library material as is permitted by the Director to be so reserved.
Inter-library loans
14.—(1)  Library material may at the discretion of the Director be borrowed by another library for a period specified by the Director at the time of borrowing and is subject to immediate recall if required by the Library.
(2)  The borrowing library shall pay any postage and any other charges incurred by the borrowing of such library material.
Books not in Library catalogue
15.  Any book received under the Printers and Publishers Act [Cap. 246] and not recorded in the Library catalogue shall with the permission of the Director be available for research purposes only.
Copies of library material
16.  Photographic or microfilm copies of library material in the Library may be made and supplied on payment of such fees as may from time to time be prescribed under the Fees Act [Cap. 106].
Reference Library
17.—(1)  The Reference Library is reserved for readers who wish to consult reference materials.
(2)  Reference materials in the Reference Library shall not be removed from the room.
(3)  No personal audio-visual equipment or material either printed or handwritten shall be brought into any reading room of the Library for the purpose of private study or any other purpose.
Bag deposit counter
18.—(1)  Members and readers, if so required by any officer of the Library, shall leave their personal belongings such as bags, satchels, baskets and similar articles at the bag deposit counter.
(2)  Any article left at the bag deposit counter shall be at the owners’ risk and neither the Director nor the Government shall be liable for any loss or damage to the article.
Director’s duties
19.  The Director shall have the general charge of the Library and shall be responsible for the safe custody of the library material and other property therein.
Use of Library building
20.—(1)  The Director may in his discretion permit any part of the Library building to be used by such persons or organisations and subject to such conditions as he may think fit and on payment of such fee as may from time to time be determined by the Director.
(2)  The Director may in his discretion waive the payment of such fee in the circumstances of any particular case.
Opening hours of Library
21.  The Library shall be open on such days and at such hours as the Director may from time to time determine.
22.—(1)  No person shall —
(a)damage, destroy or remove any library material, fitting, furniture, vehicle or other article belonging to the Library;
(b)engage in audible conversation or offensive behaviour, use abusive or obscene language in any part of the Library building which causes annoyance or disturbance to other persons in the Library;
(c)eat or drink in any Library building;
(d)sleep or lie on the benches, chairs, tables or floor in the Library or in any part of the Library building;
(e)smoke or strike a light in any part of the Library set apart for the use of the public;
(f)cause or allow any animal belonging to him or under his control to enter the Library;
(g)bring into any part of the Library any wheeled vehicle or conveyance (other than wheelchairs and perambulators) without the permission of the Director;
(h)sell food or drinks in the grounds of the Library; or
(i)be offensively unclean or appear to be intoxicated in any part of the Library building.
(2)  Any person who contravenes this rule shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $1,000.
Cancellation or suspension of membership
23.  The Director may cancel or suspend for such period as he thinks fit the membership of any person who contravenes or fails to comply with any of these Rules.
Refusal of entry
24.  Any person who behaves in a disorderly or improper manner or contravenes or fails to comply with any of these Rules may be required to leave the Library and may subsequently be refused admission by the Director or any officer of the Library.
[G.N. No. S 459/89]