Inquiry Commissions Ordinance
Chapter 52, 1955 Revised Edition
N 28
G.N. No. S 164/2004

( )
[13 December 1964]
By His Excellency Tun YUSOF BIN ISHAK, AL-HAJ, Yang di-Pertuan Negara of the State of Singapore.
Whereas it is provided by the Inquiry Commissions Ordinance that it shall be lawful for the Yang di-Pertuan Negara whenever he shall deem it advisable to issue a Commission appointing one or more Commissioners to enquire, inter alia, into any matter in which an inquiry would, in the opinion of the Yang di-Pertuan Negara, be for the public welfare:
And whereas I am of the opinion that it is the public welfare that an inquiry should forthwith be made by a Commissioner so appointed in accordance with the following term of reference:
To inquire into and examine all matters relating to the administration of the Singapore Manual and Mercantile Workers’ Union up to and including the 25th October 1964 and to report thereon with particular reference to —
(a)allegations of corrupt practices on the part of the officers of the said Union; and
(b)disposal and custody of funds and monies belonging to the said Union.
Now, therefore, I, YUSOF BIN ISHAK, Yang di-Pertuan Negara of the State of Singapore, hereby appoint Mr. Punchardsheram Coomaraswamy to be a Commissioner and hereby authorise the said Commissioner to conduct such inquiry in the manner hereinafter directed:
1.  I direct that the Commission shall hold its sittings in its discretion in any suitable place to hear evidence or for any other purpose connected with its duties;
2.  I direct that the Inquiry shall be held in public: Provided that the Commissioner may in his discretion direct that any evidence shall be heard in camera or otherwise recorded without being made available to the public;
3.  I appoint Mr. Cyril Lawrence Schelkis to be Secretary to the Commission and to exercise the powers conferred and to carry out the duties imposed upon such Secretary as are referred to in section 6 of the said Inquiry Commissions Ordinance, and I authorise the said Secretary to employ such clerical or other assistance for the purposes of the Inquiry as the Commissioner may require. In case of necessity I also authorise the Commissioner to appoint any suitable person temporarily to act as Secretary to the Commission;
4.  I direct the Commissioner of Police to detail police constables to attend upon the Commission for the purpose of preserving order during the proceedings, to serve summonses on witnesses and to perform such ministerial duties as the Commissioner shall direct; and
5.  Finally, I direct that the Commissioner shall submit his report to me after completing the Inquiry.
Given at Singapore this 13th day of November 1964.
By His Excellency’s Command,