No. S 197
Customs Act
(Chapter 70)
Customs (Miscellaneous Fees) (Amendment) Notification 2008
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 98 of the Customs Act, the Director-General of Customs, with the approval of the Minister for Finance, hereby makes the following Notification:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Customs (Miscellaneous Fees) (Amendment) Notification 2008 and shall come into operation on 4th April 2008.
Amendment of Schedule
2.  The Schedule to the Customs (Miscellaneous Fees) Notification (N 3) is amended by deleting item (8) and substituting the following item:
(8) Attending to an application for a customs ruling on the classification of an item of goods for the purposes of the Act
$85 per item of goods in respect of which the application is made.
[G.N. Nos. S 260/2002; S 386/2002; S 446/2002; S 573/2005; S 665/2005]

Made this 31st day of March 2008.

Director-General of Customs,
[Customs 0102/71/V27; AG/LEG/SL/70/2005/1 Vol. 2]