No. S 355
Medical Registration Act
(Chapter 174)
Medical Registration (Amendment) Regulations 2001
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 58 of the Medical Registration Act, the Singapore Medical Council, with the approval of the Minister for Health, hereby makes the following Regulations:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Medical Registration (Amendment) Regulations 2001 and shall come into operation on 1st August 2001.
Deletion and substitution of Second Schedule
2.  The Second Schedule to the Medical Registration Regulations (Rg 1) is deleted and the following Schedule substituted therefor:
Regulation 43
Fees Payable to the Medical Council
1. Application for registration under regulation 13 in —
(a) “The Register of medical practitioners”
(b) “The Register of Temporarily Registered Medical Practitioners” —
(i) for initial period
(ii) for extension of period
(c) “The Register of Provisionally Registered Medical Practitioners”
2. Application for registration under regulation 16 in “The Register of Specialists”
3. Application for practising certificate under section 36(1) of the Act
$250 per year
4. Late application fee for practising certificate under section 36(5) of the Act
5. Application for additional qualifications to be entered in any register under section 32 (b) of the Act
6. Certificate of good standing
7. Certified copy of certificate of registration or practising certificate
8. Transcript of inquiry and copies of documents tendered at inquiry under regulation 27
$15 per page
9. Application for restoration under regulation 40 to any register under —
(a) section 32 (f) of the Act
(b) section 46 of the Act
(c) section 49 of the Act

Made this 25th day of July 2001.

Singapore Medical Council.
[SMC 7.6; AG/LEG/174/1997/1 Vol. 2]