No. S 483
Road Traffic Act
Road Traffic
(Changi Airport Terminal Shuttle Bus)
(Exemption) Order 2012
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 142 of the Road Traffic Act, the Minister for Transport hereby makes the following Order:
1.  This Order may be cited as the Road Traffic (Changi Airport Terminal Shuttle Bus) (Exemption) Order 2012.
2.  In this Order —
“Shuttle Service” means the 24-hour bus service operated by dnata Singapore Pte Ltd for the carriage, free of charge, of passengers between any terminal building of Changi Airport and any remote aircraft parking stand within the airside of Changi Airport;
“specified bus” means the bus belonging to SBS Transit Ltd. and bearing the chassis number LJMBJCDH3AAS00548.
3.—(1)  Sections 26(4) and 101(1) of the Act and rule 27 of the Road Traffic (Public Service Vehicles) Rules (R 14) shall not apply to, or in relation to, the specified bus while it is being used by dnata Singapore Pte Ltd to operate the Shuttle Service.
(2)  The exemption referred to in sub-paragraph (1) shall be valid from 25th September 2012 to 31st March 2013 (both dates inclusive).
Made this 25th day of September 2012.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Transport,
[LT.; AG/LLRD/SL/276/2010/59 Vol. 1]