No. S 676
Road Traffic Act
(Chapter 276)
Road Traffic (Vocational Licence — Exemption) Order 2004
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 142 of the Road Traffic Act, the Minister for Transport hereby makes the following Order:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Order may be cited as the Road Traffic (Vocational Licence — Exemption) Order 2004 and shall come into operation on 5th November 2004.
2.  Section 110 of the Act and rule 3(1) of the Road Traffic (Public Service Vehicles) (Vocational Licences and Conduct of Drivers, Conductors and Passengers) Rules (R 8) shall not apply to, and in relation to, a driver or conductor of the Malaysia inter-state express bus service known as Bas Ekspres, subject to the condition that the driver or conductor (as the case may be) holds a valid vocational licence or its equivalent under the laws of Malaysia.
Made this 2nd day of November 2004.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Transport,
[LTA/WT/L017.007.000; AG/LEG/SL/276/2002/10 Vol. 1]