No. S 745
Road Traffic Act
Road Traffic
(Police Use of Armoured
Vehicles — Exemption) (No. 2)
Order 2018
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 142 of the Road Traffic Act, the Minister for Transport makes the following Order:
Citation and period in force
1.—(1)  This Order is the Road Traffic (Police Use of Armoured Vehicles — Exemption) (No. 2) Order 2018.
(2)  This Order is in force for the period between 7 November 2018 and 19 November 2018 (both dates inclusive).
2.—(1)  The following provisions of the Act and rules made under the Act do not apply to any relevant vehicle that is driven by a police officer in connection with any specified purpose:
(a)Parts I, IA and V of the Act;
(b)the Road Traffic (Electronic Road Pricing System) Rules 2015 (G.N. No. S 226/2015) except rules 10, 11 and 12(4);
(c)the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Construction and Use) Rules (R 9);
(d)the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Lighting) Rules (R 10);
(e)the Road Traffic (Regulation of Speed) Rules (R 13);
(f)the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Seat Belts) Rules (R 15).
(2)  In this paragraph —
“related activity” is an activity in Singapore involving any representative of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or the ASEAN Regional Forum attending the Summit meeting;
“relevant vehicle” means the vehicles bearing the following engine numbers:
“specified purpose” means —
(a)training during any course in, or involving, the use of a relevant vehicle; or
(b)conveying any non‑citizen individual taking part in the Summit meeting or related activities, to or from any place within Singapore;
“Summit meeting” means the series of meetings between representatives of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or the ASEAN Regional Forum, taking place in Singapore between 13 November 2018 and 15 November 2018 (both dates inclusive), and includes any social activities connected with the Summit meeting.
Made on 5 November 2018.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Transport,
[MOT.LT.; AG/LEGIS/SL/276/2015/15 Vol. 7]