No. S 8
Income Tax Act
Income Tax
(AT Holdings Pte. Ltd. —
Section 13(12) Exemption) Order 2020
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 13(12) of the Income Tax Act, the Minister for Finance makes the following Order:
Citation and commencement
1.  This Order is the Income Tax (AT Holdings Pte. Ltd. — Section 13(12) Exemption) Order 2020 and comes into operation on 6 January 2020.
2.—(1)  Income comprising dividends described in sub‑paragraph (2), that is received in Singapore by AT Holdings Pte. Ltd. (a company incorporated in Singapore) from AT Holdings Europe Co‑operative U.A. (a company incorporated in the Netherlands), is exempt from tax.
(2)  Sub‑paragraph (1) applies to dividends that are derived from dividends received by AT Holdings Europe Co‑operative U.A., that are in turn derived from the profits of any of the following entities:
(a)AT&C Amstel Holdings B.V.;
(b)Batys Petroleum LLP;
(c)Dostyk Gas Terminal LLP;
(d)Ertys Service LLP;
(e)Experion Assets Holdings Europe B.V.;
(f)Kapashagai Resource LLP;
(g)KazRoslmpex LLP;
(h)Kazykurt Yug LLP;
(i)Premium Oil Trans LLP;
(j)Retail Asset Investment B.V.;
(l)Standard Petroleum & Co LLP.
(3)  The exemption in sub‑paragraph (1) is subject to the conditions specified in the letters of approval dated 21 June 2018 and 5 November 2019 to AT Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Made on 30 December 2019.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Finance,
[R32.016.0056.V80; AG/LEGIS/SL/134/2015/8 Vol. 4]