No. S 641
Estate Agents Act 2010
(ACT 25 OF 2010)
Estate Agents (Fees) Regulations 2010
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 72 of the Estate Agents Act 2010, the Council for Estate Agencies, with the approval of the Minister for National Development, hereby makes the following Regulations:
Citation and commencement
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Estate Agents (Fees) Regulations 2010 and shall come into force on 1st November 2010.
2.  In these Regulations —
[Deleted by S 707/2015 wef 19/11/2015]
“limited liability partnership” means a limited liability partnership registered under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act (Cap. 163A);
“representative” means any natural person who undertakes or may undertake estate agency work.
Fees and payment of fees
3.—(1)  There shall be paid to the Council, in respect of the matters specified in the first column of the Schedule, the fees specified opposite thereto in the second column thereof.
(2)  The licence and registration fees in the Schedule are payable —
(a)as a condition precedent to the grant of an estate agent’s licence or registration of a salesperson; and
(b)annually thereafter.
(3)  Any fee in respect of the registration of a salesperson shall be paid to the Council by the estate agent that the salesperson is to represent.
4.  [Deleted by S 707/2015 wef 19/11/2015]
Penalty for late payment of fees
5.  Where an estate agent fails to pay any fee or part thereof specified in the Schedule by the day on which such sum is due as determined by the Council, the Council may impose a penalty amounting to 10% of the outstanding amount.
Refund or remission of fees
6.—(1)  Subject to paragraph (2), no fee paid or payable to the Council under these Regulations shall be refunded or remitted in the event of the termination, suspension or revocation of the licence or registration to which it relates.
(2)  The Council may, in its discretion, refund or remit, in whole or in part, any fee or penalty paid or payable under these Regulations.
Made this 26th day of October 2010.
Council for Estate Agencies,
[ND 311/4-355; AG/LLRD/SL/95A/2010/3 Vol. 1]