Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act
(Chapter 92A, Section 26)
Endangered Species (Import and Export) (Exemption from Section 4(1)) Order
O 1
G.N. No. S 98/2006

(1st April 2008)
[1st March 2006]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Endangered Species (Import and Export) (Exemption from Section 4(1)) Order.
2.  The Minister hereby exempts, from section 4(1) of the Act, the importation of any artificially propagated plant listed in Appendices II and III of the Schedule to the Act, subject to the prior presentation to the Director-General or an authorised officer of one or more of the following documents, as appropriate, issued by the competent authority of the country of export or re-export, as the case may be:
(a)a CITES export or re-export permit, licence, certificate or written permission;
(b)a certificate of artificial propagation;
(c)a certificate of origin.
[G.N. No. S 98/2006]