Education Service Incentive Payment Act
(Chapter 87B, Paragraph (b) of the definition of independent school in section 2)
Education Service Incentive Payment (Independent Schools) Notification
N 1
G.N. No. S 683/2001

(31st January 2003)
[1st January 2002]
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Education Service Incentive Payment (Independent Schools) Notification.
Independent schools
2.  The following schools are each declared to be an Independent School for the purposes of the Act:
(a)Anglo-Chinese School (Independent);
(b)St. Joseph’s Institution;
(c)Hwa Chong Institution;
[S 15/2005 wef 01/01/2005]
(d)Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary);
[S 220/2010 wef 01/01/2002]
(e)Singapore Chinese Girls’ School;
(f)Nanyang Girls’ High School;
[S 675/2003 wef 01/01/2004]
(g)School of the Arts, Singapore;
[S 220/2010 wef 01/08/2006]
(h)Singapore Sports School;
[S 675/2003 wef 01/01/2004]
[S 687/2004 wef 06/10/2004]
(i)NUS High School of Mathematics and Science;
[S 220/2010 wef 06/10/04]
(j)Northlight School;
[S 220/2010 wef 01/01/2007]
(k)Assumption Pathway School;
[S 220/2010 wef 01/01/2009]
(l)School of Science and Technology, Singapore.
[S 220/2010 wef 01/01/2009]
[G.N. No. S 683/2001]