Fisheries Act
(Chapter 111, Section 7(2)(u))
Fisheries (Fishing Gear) Rules
R 6
(25th March 1992)
[28th January 1972]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Fisheries (Fishing Gear) Rules.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires, “ fishing gear” includes nets, stakes, traps and lines with more than 3 hooks.
Licensed fishing gear
3.  No person shall erect, operate, maintain, use, remove or have in his possession any kind of fishing gear except in accordance with the terms of a fishing gear licence issued under these Rules.
Application, fees, etc.
4.—(1)  The applicant for a fishing gear licence shall apply in such form as may be prescribed by the Director.
(2)  The applicant shall if so required produce the fishing gear for inspection by a fishery officer.
(3)  The licence fees for the various types of fishing gear shall be as set out in the Schedule.
(4)  The licensee shall, when he ceases to use or operate the fishing gear for which a licence has been issued, inform the Director of that fact.
(5)  The licensee of any fishing gear shall place and keep thereon such mark (if any) as may be prescribed by the Director.
(6)  The licensee shall surrender his expired licence before a new licence may be issued to him.
Fishing stakes
5.  Every person desirous of erecting any fishing stake shall first indicate to the Director the site of the proposed fishing stake and erect a pole in the proposed centre of the seaward enclosure. A fishery officer shall survey the site and the Director may then issue a licence to such person.
6.  The Director may, before issuing a licence under these Rules, require the applicant to furnish a deposit. The amount of the deposit shall be determined by the Director.
Removal of gear, etc.
7.—(1)  The licensee of a fishing gear shall, when abandoning the fishing gear or upon the expiry or revocation of the licence or when ceasing to use or operate the fishing gear, remove forthwith, or within such time as a fishery officer may direct, the fishing gear and any poles, anchors, floats and ancillary apparatus used in the operation of the fishing gear.
(2)  On the failure of any person to comply with the direction of a fishery officer or with these Rules, the fishery officer may remove or demolish the gear and any expense incurred thereby shall be deducted from the deposit made under rule 6.
Licensee to carry licence
8.—(1)  The licensee of a fishing gear shall at all times carry with him the licence and shall on demand by a fishery officer produce it for inspection.
(2)  Every licence shall bear, in addition to its own number, the number of the licensee’ s fishing vessel licence, if any.
(3)  The licensee shall furnish information to the best of his ability on his fish catches, method of fishing, fishing grounds and any other information relating to fishing as may be required by a fishery officer.
Correct description
9.  In the event of any doubt arising as to the correct description of an item of fishing gear, the name or description given by the Director shall be deemed to be correct.
Director’s discretion
10.—(1)  The director may in his discretion refuse to issue a licence or restrict the number of licences which may be issued in any year in respect of any type of fishing gear.
(2)  The Director may in his discretion revoke any licence already issued without assigning any reason.
Other fees
11.  There shall be charged for the licensing of any fishing gear, other than those specified in the Schedule or not included in these Rules, such fee as the Director may determine.
12.  All licensees shall observe any directive which the Director may issue from time to time relating to fishing gear which has been licensed under these Rules.