Immigration Act
(Chapter 133, Section 2)
Immigration Depots (Consolidation) Notification
N 5
G.N. No. S 308/1977

(15th June 1998)
The Controller of Immigration has designated the following places as Immigration Depots for the examination, inspection and detention of persons under the Act:
(1)Immigration Office, Paya Lebar Airport.
(2)Immigration Office, Seletar Airport.
(3)Immigration Checkpoint, Woodlands.
(4)Central Police Station.
(5)Changi Women’s Prison/Drug Rehabilitation Centre.
(6)Queenstown Remand Prison.
[S 308/77]
(7)Sector IV of Selarang Park Drug Rehabilitation Centre.
[S 233/79]
(8)Immigration Office, Changi International Airport.
[S 212/81]
(9)Immigration Office, World Trade Centre.
[S 203/92]
(10)Blocks A and B of the Tampines Prison, Lorong Halus (off Tampines Expressway), Singapore 536583.
[S 4/93]
(11)Immigration Office, Changi Ferry Terminal, 30 Changi Ferry Road, Singapore 499675.
[S 166/93]
(12)Immigration Office, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Road, Singapore 498833.
[S 362/95]
(13)Changi Prison, 11 Jalan Awan, Singapore 499420.
(14)Tanah Merah Prison, 10 Tanah Merah Besar Road, Singapore 498834.
(15)Abingdon Prison/Drug Rehabilitation Centre, 1A Moon Crescent, Singapore 499104.
(16)Abingdon Work Release Camp, 1 Abingdon Road, Singapore 499931.
(17)Seletar Work Release Camp, 316 Old Birdcage Walk, Singapore 798482.
[S 264/96]
(18)Portsdown Prison, 21 Portsdown Road, Singapore 139310.
[S 222/97]
(19)Tuas Checkpoint, 501 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 639937.
[S 556/97]
(20)SIR Building, 10 Kallang Road, Singapore 208718.
[S 204/98]