Immigration Act
(Chapter 133, Section 9)
Immigration (Prohibition of Entry) Order
O 2
G.N. No. S 211/1990

(25th March 1992)
[1st July 1973]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Immigration (Prohibition of Entry) Order.
Persons prohibited from entry
2.  The entry into Singapore is prohibited of all persons other than —
(a)any person having a right of entry under section 7 of the Act;
(b)any person in possession of or whose name is lawfully endorsed on a valid re‑entry permit issued under section 11 of the Act;
(c)any person seeking to enter Singapore under and in accordance with any pass lawfully issued to that person;
(d)any person who is exempted from section 6(1) of the Act by an order made under section 56 thereof;
(e)any person who is in possession of a certificate issued by the Minister certifying that his admission would be in the economic interest of Singapore and the wife, and any child under 6 years of age, of that person; and
(f)any person who is within any of the categories of persons set out in the Schedule and should, in the opinion of the Controller, be permitted to enter and remain in Singapore.
Discretion of Minister
3.  The issue or refusal of any certificate of the Minister referred to in paragraph 2(e) shall be in the discretion of the Minister.
Burden of proof
4.  The burden of proof that any person is not a person prohibited from entering Singapore by this Order shall lie upon that person.
Special grounds
5.  Nothing in this Order shall be construed to prohibit the entry of any person who in the opinion of the Minister should be permitted to enter Singapore on special compassionate grounds.