Medicines Act
(Chapter 176, Sections 30 and 54)
Medicines (Contact Lens Substances) (Specification and Prohibition) Order
O 9
G.N. No. S 381/1989

(31st January 2000)
[2nd January 1990]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Medicines (Contact Lens Substances) (Specification and Prohibition) Order.
2.  In this Order, unless the context otherwise requires —
“contact lens” means any thin curved shell of glass, plastic or any other material intended for use by being applied to the human eyeball as an optical lens or any blank from which such lens is prepared;
“contact lens substance” means any fluid or substance for use in connection with the cleaning, disinfecting, irrigating, lubricating, wetting or storing any contact lens or any liquid substance in which contact lens is soaked or rinsed or any fluid used as a barrier between such lens or blank and the human eyeball or any other substance used in connection with the use of such lens or blank.
Contact lens substances for medicinal purpose
3.—(1)  For the purposes of section 54 of the Act, contact lens substances are hereby specified as being substances appearing to the Minister to be substances which are not medicinal products but are manufactured, sold, supplied, imported or exported for use wholly or partly for a medicinal purpose.
(2)  Subject to the exceptions and modifications specified in the second column of the First Schedule, the provisions of the Act set out in the first column shall have effect in relation to contact lens substances as those provisions have effect in relation to medicinal products.
Prohibition on sale, etc., of certain contact lens substances
4.  The sale, supply or importation of any contact lens substance which fails to comply with any of the requirements set out in the Second Schedule is, under section 30 of the Act, hereby prohibited as it appears to the Minister to be necessary to do so in the interest of safety.