Merchant Shipping Act
(Chapter 179, Section 12)
Exemption of Government and Port of Singapore Authority Vessels
N 4
G.N. No. S 323/1990

(25th March 1992)
[24th August 1990]
The Minister for Communications has exempted —
(a)the vessels owned by the Government and used by the Departments specified in the Schedule; and
(b)the vessels owned by the Port of Singapore Authority,
from the regulations made under section 11 of the Act on condition that they are manned by persons with equivalent qualifications and found by the Director of Marine to be competent to perform the duties on similar classes of vessels as required under the Third Schedule to the Merchant Shipping (Deck Officers) Regulations [Rg 13] and the Second Schedule to the Merchant Shipping (Marine Engineer Officers) Regulations [Rg 14].