Pharmacists Registration Act
(Chapter 230, Section 21)
Pharmacy Board Rules
R 1
G.N. No. S 18/1981

(25th March 1992)
[16th January 1981]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Pharmacy Board Rules.
2.  The Board may elect one of their members to be its secretary.
3.  The address of the Board shall be the address of the Chief Pharmacist of the Ministry of Health.
Meetings of Board
4.—(1)  Notice of a meeting of the Board shall be sent by the secretary by letter addressed to each member.
(2)  At a meeting of the Board no matter shall be discussed unless 7 days’ notice thereof has been given to its members by the secretary.
(3)  No disciplinary proceedings against a pharmacist shall be considered at a meeting of the Board unless copies of all complaints against him and documents relevant thereto have been supplied to the members at least 7 days prior to the meeting.
5.—(1)  The proceedings of the Board shall be recorded in the form of minutes, authenticated after the confirmation thereof at a meeting by the signature of the chairman at that meeting.
(2)  The minutes of each meeting shall contain every motion and amendment thereof proposed and adopted or rejected at the meeting, with the names of every proposer and seconder of the motion and amendment.
(3)  Any comment or observation of a member on a motion proposed at a meeting of the Board may be omitted from the minutes of that meeting.
(4)  Any member of the Board may propose that the minutes of a meeting be amended in such manner as he thinks fit.
(5)  When the Board proposes to amend any rule made under the Act a formal statement on the purpose of the amendment shall be recorded in the minutes.
(6)  After the adjournment of a meeting of the Board for a day, a draft of the minutes of that meeting shall be sent to every member of the Board.
Absence from meetings
6.  If a member of the Board is absent without leave from 3 consecutive meetings of the Board, he may be asked to resign.