Public Utilities Act
(Chapter 261, Section 72)
Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations
Rg 5
G.N. No. S 584/2002

(30th September 2004)
[22nd November 2002]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —
“accredited laboratory” means a laboratory —
(a)accredited under the Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS) administered by the Enterprise Singapore Board (established by section 3 of the Enterprise Singapore Board Act 2018 (Act 10 of 2018)); or
[S 164/2018 wef 01/04/2018]
(b)recognised under a mutual recognition agreement or arrangement between Singapore and any other country;
[S 133/2017 wef 01/04/2017]
“authorised officer” means an officer of the Board authorised in that behalf by the Board;
“backflow” means flow upstream, that is in a direction contrary to the intended normal direction of flow within or from a water fitting;
“British Standard” means a standard or specification issued by the British Standards Institution;
“building” means any structure (including a floating structure) whether of a permanent character or not, and whether movable or immovable, and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, includes any caravan, vessel, boat or houseboat;
[Deleted by S 164/2018 wef 01/04/2018]
“consumer” includes —
(a)any person supplied or applying to be supplied with water by the Board;
(b)any person otherwise liable for the payment of water rates, charges or rent; and
(c)any owner or occupier of the premises supplied or to be supplied with water by the Board;
“corrosion-resisting material” means any material which is highly resistant to any corrosive action to which it is likely to be subjected in the circumstances in which it is used;
“distributing pipe” means any pipe (other than an overflow pipe or a flush pipe) conveying water from a storage tank under pressure by gravity or a boosting system from such tank;
“float-operated valve” means a valve for controlling the flow of water into a storage tank or flushing cistern, the valve being operated by the vertical movement of a float riding on the surface of the water;
“install”, in relation to a water fitting, apparatus, pump, hot water apparatus or any other article or device to which these Regulations apply, includes to arrange or connect;
“master meter” means a meter registering water all or part of which is subsequently registered by one or more sub-meters;
[Deleted by S 164/2018 wef 01/04/2018]
“meter position” means the position where a meter or master meter (not being a sub-meter) is installed;
“meter reader” means an employee or an agent of the Board who is authorised to read any meter;
[Deleted by S 153/2019 wef 25/03/2019]
“NEWater” means NEWater supplied through the water reticulation system of the Board to persons who have entered into an agreement with the Board for the supply of such water;
[S 153/2019 wef 25/03/2019]
“PUB S&R Standard” means the document known as “PUB’s Stipulation of Standards & Requirements for Water Fittings for Use in Potable Water Service Installations” published by the Board, as in force from time to time;
[S 341/2020 wef 30/04/2020]
[Deleted by S 164/2018 wef 01/04/2018]
“service pipe” means any pipe or part thereof which is downstream to the meter position and is meant for supplying water from a water main to any premises and is subject to water pressure from that main, or would be so subject but for the closing of some stop-valve;
[Deleted by S 341/2020 wef 30/04/2020]
“stop-valve” means any device (including a stop-cock or stop-tap) other than a draw-off tap, for stopping at will the flow of water in a pipe;
[Deleted by S 164/2018 wef 01/04/2018]
“sub-meter” means any meter owned and maintained by the Board which registers all or part of any water which has already been metered since leaving the water main;
“warning pipe” means an overflow pipe so fixed that its outlet, whether inside or outside a building, is in a conspicuous position where the discharge of any water therefrom can be readily seen;
“Water Efficiency Label” means a label referred to in regulation 40A.
[S 703/2008 wef 01/07/2009]
[S 164/2018 wef 01/04/2018]
[Deleted by S 164/2018 wef 01/04/2018]
[Deleted by S 164/2018 wef 01/04/2018]
3.  [Deleted by S 341/2020 wef 30/04/2020]