Road Traffic Act
(CHAPTER 276, Section 142)
Road Traffic (Exemptions) (Consolidation) (No. 2) Order
O 4
(30th September 1999)
1.  This Order may be cited as the Road Traffic (Exemptions) (Consolidation) (No. 2) Order.
2.  All such motor vehicles as the Minister may approve shall be exempted to the extent specified by the Minister from payment of the fees and taxes, prescribed under the Act or any rules made thereunder.
[S 32/85 – 25.1.85]
Government vehicles exempted
3.  All motor vehicles belonging to the Government are exempted from payment of all taxes, levies and fees payable under Part I of the Act except for the levy payable under section 10A(2)* and any fee payable under any rules made under section 10A(4) or 34 thereof.
*  Relates to the permit issued by the Registrar on payment of the levy.
[S 153/91 – 1.4.91; S 308/97]