Road Traffic Act
(CHAPTER 276, Section 112)
Highway Code
R 11
G.N. No. S 8/1975

(25th March 1992)
[17th January 1975]
All Road Users
1.  The Highway Code is a code of conduct and not a digest of traffic laws. It lays stress on the responsibilities of road users towards each other.
2.  The primary cause of road accidents, which result in loss of life, human suffering and damage to property, is the failure of road users of all classes to behave properly in traffic.
3.  Road traffic requires the co-operation of all road users for its smooth and efficient operation. This Highway Code tells you how you can co-operate with other road users in reducing the number of accidents.
4.  Always be considerate, courteous, vigilant and sober. Remember that alcohol reduces the alertness of the driver and often the sense of caution. Other road users too must always be sober, particularly cyclists and pedestrians. Many fatal accidents are caused by negligence, lack of consideration for others and the influence of alcohol.
5.  Study and understand the traffic signals and traffic signs set out in this Code and use them or obey them, as the case may be.
6.  Read this Highway Code, study it and understand it, and then pass on your knowledge to others, especially to children.