Road Traffic Act
(CHAPTER 276, Sections 25, 48 and 140)
Road Traffic (International Circulation) Rules
R 7
(25th March 1992)
[1st November 1973]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Road Traffic (International Circulation) Rules.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires —
“abroad” means any place outside Singapore and Malaysia;
“1949 Convention” means the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic concluded at Geneva on 19th September 1949;
“international driving permit” means a driving permit in the form prescribed in the 1949 Convention issued by the competent authority in Singapore or the competent authority of a country which is a party to the Convention;
“Registration Authority” means the Automobile Association of Singapore or the Registrar;
“registration certificate” means a certificate or book issued under the law of a country which is a party to the 1949 Convention and containing the serial number or registration number, the name or trade mark of the maker of the motor vehicle, the date of first registration and the full name and permanent place of residence of the owner.