No. S 570
Road Traffic Act
Road Traffic
(Authorisation of Use) (No. 2)
Notification 2012
In exercise of the powers conferred by section 5(2) of the Road Traffic Act, the Land Transport Authority of Singapore hereby makes the following Notification:
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Road Traffic (Authorisation of Use) (No. 2) Notification 2012.
2.  In this Notification —
“Company” means VALLE VERDE PTE. LTD.;
“vehicle” means a dump truck that does not comply with —
(a)the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Construction and Use) Rules (R 9); and
(b)the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Lighting) Rules (R 10).
Authorised use of vehicle
3.—(1)  Subject to sub-paragraph (2), a vehicle manufactured by the Company is authorised for use on a road in Singapore for the sole purpose of transporting the vehicle to a port for export.
(2)  The authorisation in sub-paragraph (1) is subject to the following conditions:
(a)the vehicle must display a general licence plate issued to the Company under rule 59 of the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Registration and Licensing) Rules (R 5) when it is used on a road in Singapore;
(b)the display of the general licence plate referred to in sub‑paragraph (a) must be in accordance with rule 60 of the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Registration and Licensing) Rules;
(c)there must be in force, when the vehicle is used on a road in Singapore, a policy of insurance in relation to the vehicle insuring against any liability in respect of damage to any property or the death of, or bodily injury sustained by, any person caused by or arising out of the use of the vehicle; and
(d)the vehicle must be escorted by auxiliary police officers when it is driven on a road in Singapore.
Made this 8th day of November 2012.
Land Transport Authority of Singapore.
[LTA/AUN/IE/12.02; AG/LLRD/SL/276/2010/27 Vol. 1]