Chit Funds Act
(Chapter 39, Section 61(2)(i))
Chit Funds (Advertisements) Regulations
Rg 3
G.N. No. S 75/1990

(25th March 1992)
[10th March 1972]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Chit Funds (Advertisements) Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —
“advertisement” means any notification or intimation of chit fund business —
(a)published in any newspaper, journal or magazine or in the form of a brochure or in any other form;
(b)displayed on any hoarding, boarding, roof, wall, paling, fence, frame, signboard, plate, cloth, bar, pillar, post, wire, casting or other erection or contrivance; or
(c)conveyed by means of films within the meaning of the Films Act (Cap. 107) or by means of broadcast sound receivers or broadcast television receivers within the meaning of the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (Broadcasting and Television) Regulations (Cap. 297, Rg 1);
“existing advertisement” means any advertisement which is in existence on 10th March 1972.
No advertisement without permit
3.—(1)  No advertisement shall be made without previously obtaining a permit in writing from the Authority.
(2)  An applicant for a permit shall —
(a)make an application in such form as the Authority may require; and
(b)supply such particulars of the advertisement in respect of which a permit is sought and in such form as the Authority may require.
(3)  The Authority may, in its discretion, grant a permit for an advertisement, with or without attaching any condition or conditions thereto.
(4)  The fee payable for a permit under this regulation shall be $20.
Permit only for chit fund business
4.  No permit for advertisement as provided in regulation 3 shall be issued for any business other than chit fund business as defined in the Act.
Advertisement permit number
5.  Any advertisement (other than that conveyed by means of broadcast sound receivers or through broadcast television receivers) made by a licensed chit fund company shall include the advertisement permit number.
Restrictions on advertisements
6.  No advertisement shall contain anything which suggests or is calculated to suggest —
(a)the patronage of the President or of any of the members of his family;
(b)any connection with any Government department, statutory body or public building or place; or
(c)any attribute to which the chit fund company cannot genuinely lay proper claim.