Internal Security Act
(Chapter 143, Section 7)
Internal Security (Prohibition of Emblems) Order1
1  Extended to Singapore by the Modification of Laws (Internal Security and Public Order) (Singapore) Order 1963 — L.N. 231 of 16.9.63.
O 3
G.N. No. S 188/1960

(25th March 1992)
[16th September 1963]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Internal Security (Prohibition of Emblems) Order.
Prohibited emblem
2.  The manufacture, sale, use, display or possession of any emblem or device in the form of a 5-pointed red star or a hammer and sickle in circumstances which raise a reasonable presumption that the emblem or device was intended or was likely to be used in a manner prejudicial to the interests of Singapore or to promote or foster a purpose prejudicial to or incompatible with peace, welfare or good order in Singapore is hereby prohibited:
Provided that nothing in this Order shall apply to the display or possession of any national emblem the display of which is for the time being permitted in accordance with the provisions of the National Emblems (Control of Display) Act (Cap. 196).