Holidays Act

(Original Enactment: Act 54 of 1966)

(30th March 1987)
An Act to provide for public holidays and for matters incidental thereto.
[6th January 1967]
Short title
1.  This Act may be cited as the Holidays Act.
2.  For the purposes of this Act, the day next following a public holiday means the next following day not being itself a public holiday.
Certain days to be public holidays
3.—(1)  The several days mentioned in the Schedule (referred to in this Act as public holidays) are, in addition to Sundays, dies non, and shall be kept, except as provided in this Act, as holidays in Singapore.
(2)  If any such public holiday falls on a Sunday, the day next following shall be a public holiday.
4.  The President may make regulations excluding in whole or in part from the operation of this Act any public office or any department thereof, and thereupon all acts and things relating to that public office or department thereof may be done and performed on any public holiday, notwithstanding this Act.
Bills due on public holidays to be payable on the following day
5.—(1)  All bills of exchange and promissory notes that are due and payable on any public holiday shall be payable, and in case of non-payment may be noted and protested, on the day next following, and not on the public holiday.
(2)  Any such noting or protest shall be as valid as if made on the day on which the bill or note was made due and payable.
Provision as to notice of dishonour and presentation for honour
6.  When the day on which any notice of dishonour of an unpaid bill of exchange or promissory note should be given, or when the day on which a bill of exchange or promissory note should be presented or received for acceptance or accepted or forwarded to any referee or referees, is a public holiday, the notice of dishonour shall be given, or the bill of exchange or promissory note shall be presented or forwarded, on the day next following the public holiday.
As to any payments on public holidays
7.—(1)  No person shall be compellable to make any payment or to do any act upon a public holiday which he would not be compellable to make or do on Sunday.
(2)  The obligation to make that payment or do that act has effect on the day next following the public holiday; and the making of the payment or the doing of the act on the day next following is equivalent to the payment of the money or the doing of the act on the public holiday.
President may appoint special days to be observed as public holidays
8.  The President may by notification in the Gazette or in such other manner as he thinks fit at any time appoint a special day to be observed as a public holiday in addition to or in substitution for any of the days mentioned in the Schedule, and thereupon this Act shall apply to that day in the same manner as if it were mentioned in the Schedule.