Children Development Co-Savings Act

(Original Enactment: Act 13 of 2001)

(31st July 2002)
An Act to encourage married women in Singapore to have more children .
[28/2008 wef 31/10/2008]
[2/2011 wef 09/03/2011]
[1st April 2001]
Short title
1.  This Act may be cited as the Children Development Co-Savings Act.
[13/2011 wef 01/05/2011]
2.—(1)  In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —
“approved person” means a person approved by the Minister as an approved person under the regulations made under section 7;
“bank account” means a bank account opened under the regulations made under section 3;
“confinement” means the delivery of a child;
“Edusave account” has the same meaning as in the Education Endowment Scheme Act (Cap. 87A);
“eligible child” means a child who is eligible for membership of the Scheme under the regulations made under section 3;
“employee” means any person who has entered into or works under a contract of service with an employer in Singapore, and includes a workman and any officer or employee of the Government;
[42/2004 wef 01/10/2004]
“employer” means any person who employs another person under a contract of service and includes —
(a)the Government;
[42/2004 wef 01/10/2004]
(b)any statutory authority;
(c)the duly authorised agent or manager of the employer; and
(d)the person who owns or who is carrying on or is for the time being responsible for the management of the profession, business, trade or work in which the employee is engaged;
“gross rate of pay” means the total amount of money including allowances to which an employee is entitled under her contract of service either for working for a period of time, that is, for one hour, one day, one week, one month or for such other period as may be stated or implied in her contract of service, or for each completed piece or task of work but does not include —
(a)additional payments by way of overtime payments;
(b)additional payments by way of bonus payments or annual wage supplements;
(c)any sum paid to the employee to reimburse her for special expenses incurred by her in the course of her employment;
(d)productivity incentive payments; and
(e)travelling, food or housing allowances;
“member” means a member of the Scheme;
“parent”, in relation to a child, includes a legal guardian of the child;
“personal representative” means the executor, original or by representation, or administrator for the time being of a deceased person;
“Scheme” means the Children Development Co-Savings Scheme established by the regulations made under section 3;
[13/2011 wef 01/05/2011]
“self-employed woman” means any woman resident in Singapore who engages in or carries on any trade, business, profession or vocation other than employment under a contract of service and derives income from such trade, business, profession or vocation or such other woman declared by the Minister to be a self-employed woman for the purposes of this Act.
[42/2004 wef 01/10/2004]
(2)  For the purpose of determining whether a confinement referred to in Part III or section 22 (referred to in this section as the relevant confinement) is the first, second, third or fourth confinement of a woman, any previous confinement shall be disregarded if, at the time of the relevant confinement, there is no living child from the previous confinement.
[42/2004 wef 01/10/2004]
[28/2008 wef 31/10/2008]