Subsidiary Legislation

Gas Act
Current version as at 20 Jan 2021
Short Title     |   Number
Gas (Appeals to Minister) Regulations 2019
Gas (Designated Gas Transporter) Notification
Gas (Gas Importer’s Licence) (Exemption) Order 2013
Gas (Gas Importer’s Licence) (Exemption) Order 2018
Gas (Gas Shipper’s Licence) (Exemption) Order 2013
Gas (Gas Transporter’s Licence) (Exemption) (No. 2) Order
Gas (Gas Transporter’s Licence) (Exemption) Order
Gas (Gas Transporter’s Licence) (Exemption) Order 2009
Gas (Metering) Regulations
Gas (Specified Date for purposes of Section 6(1)) Order
Gas (Supply) Regulations
Gas (Transfer of Property, Rights, Obligations and Liabilities under section 98) Regulations