Power to enter and survey
3.—(1)  Whenever it appears to the President that land in any locality is likely to be needed for any purpose specified in section 5(1), a notification to that effect shall be published in the Gazette and the Collector shall cause public notice of the substance of the notification to be given at convenient places in that locality, and thereupon any officer either generally or specially authorised by the Minister in that behalf and any person authorised in writing by that officer may —
(a)enter upon and survey and take levels of any land in that locality;
(b)dig or bore into the soil;
(c)do all other acts necessary to ascertain whether the land is suitable for such purpose;
(d)set out the boundaries of the land proposed to be taken and the intended line of the work, if any, proposed thereon;
(e)mark those levels, boundaries and line by placing marks and cutting trenches; and
(f)cut down and clear away any standing crop, fence or jungle, where otherwise the survey cannot be completed, the levels taken or the boundaries or line of the work marked.
[19/2007 wef 07/05/2007]
(2)  No person shall enter into any building or upon any enclosed court or garden attached to a dwelling-house unless with the consent of the occupier thereof, without previously giving the occupier at least 7 days’ notice in writing of his intention to do so.
(3)  A notification made under this section in respect of any land in any locality shall cease to have effect on the expiration of 12 months from the date of its publication but nothing in this subsection shall be construed to preclude a further exercise of the powers conferred upon the President by this section or by section 5 in respect of such land.