Notification that land is required for specific purposes
5.—(1)  Whenever any particular land is needed —
(a)for any public purpose;
(b)by any person, corporation or statutory board, for any work or an undertaking which, in the opinion of the Minister, is of public benefit or of public utility or in the public interest; or
(c)for any residential, commercial or industrial purposes,
the President may, by notification published in the Gazette, declare the land to be required for the purpose specified in the notification.
(1A)  Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the President may under that subsection declare that only so much of airspace above the surface of any land, or only so much of subterranean space below the surface of any land, is needed for any purpose specified in that subsection, instead of the whole of the land.
[Act 12 of 2015 wef 08/05/2015]
(2)  Such a notification shall state —
(a)the town subdivision or mukim in which the land is situated;
(b)the lot number of the land, its approximate area and all other particulars necessary for identifying it; and
(c)if a plan has been made of the land, the place and time where and when the plan may be inspected.
(3)  The notification shall be conclusive evidence that the land is needed for the purpose specified therein as provided in subsection (1).