Subsidiary Legislation

Medicines Act
Current version as at 26 Jan 2021
Short Title     |   Number
Medicines (Advertisement) (Exemption) Order
Medicines (Advertisements by Healthcare Institutions) (Exemption) Order 2004
Medicines (Cessation of Application of Act to Cosmetic Products) Order 2013
Medicines (Cessation of Application of Act to Medical Devices) Order 2010
Medicines (Cessation of Application of Act to Oral Dental Gums) Order 2016
Medicines (Cessation of Application of Act to Therapeutic Products) Order 2016
Medicines (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2016
Medicines (Export Licence for Psychotropic Substances) Regulations
Medicines (General Sale List) Order 2016
Medicines (Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate) Regulations
Medicines (Labelling of Chinese Proprietary Medicines) Regulations
Medicines (Labelling) Regulations
Medicines (Licensing, Standard Provisions and Fees) Regulations
Medicines (Medical Advertisements) Regulations
Medicines (Medicinal Products as Clinical Research Materials) Regulations 2016
Medicines (Non-Medicinal Products) (Consolidation) Order
Medicines (Product Licence) (Exemption) Order
Medicines (Prohibition of Sale, Supply and Importation) Order
Medicines (Sale by Automatic Machines) Regulations 2016
Medicines (Traditional Medicines, Homoeopathic Medicines and other Substances) (Exemption) Order