Sentosa Development Corporation Act

(Original Enactment: Act 22 of 1972)

(30th March 1987)
An Act to establish the Sentosa Development Corporation and for purposes connected therewith.
[1st September 1972]
Short title
1.  This Act may be cited as the Sentosa Development Corporation Act.
2.  In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —
“Chairman” means the Chairman of the Corporation;
“Corporation” means the Sentosa Development Corporation established under this Act;
“float” means any floating structure normally used as a point of transfer for passengers and goods and for mooring purposes;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“land” includes land covered by water and any interest in land;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“Marina Superintendent” means the Marina Superintendent appointed under section 18H and includes any Deputy or Assistant Marina Superintendent appointed under that section;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“marine facilities” means facilities either owned by the Corporation or any lessee of any land in Sentosa that are intended primarily to be used by or for the service of vessels (including floats, ramps, hoists, parking areas, leased water areas, concessions and service facilities) located on land in Sentosa or in the waters and waterways of Sentosa;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“master”, in relation to a vessel, means any person having or taking command, charge or management of a vessel for the time being;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“member” means a member of the Corporation;
“mooring” includes anchoring;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“owner” —
(a)in relation to any area of the waters of Sentosa, means the person who has leased the area from the Corporation; and
(b)in relation to a vessel, includes the charterer;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“Sentosa” means all that part of the island known as Sentosa which was transferred to and vested in the Corporation on 1st September 1972 by virtue of section 25, the bridge known as Gateway Avenue linking Sentosa and the main island of Singapore and any land reclaimed from the foreshore of Sentosa which is transferred to or leased by the State to the Corporation;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“vessel” means every description of vessel however propelled or moved and includes any thing constructed or used to carry persons or goods by water and a seaplane on or in the water, a hovercraft and a hydrofoil vessel;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“waters of Sentosa” means all the inland waters of Sentosa that are —
(a)vested in or leased to the Corporation; or
(b)managed or controlled by the Corporation, whether or not the lands lying under the inland waters are vested in or leased to the Corporation or leased by the Corporation to others;
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]
“waterways” means any area of the waters of Sentosa providing access from one place to another, principally a water area providing a regular route for water-borne traffic.
[34/1996 wef 01/11/1996]