Subsidiary Legislation

Telecommunications Act
Current version as at 20 Apr 2021
Short Title     |   Number
Telecommunications (Cable Detection Workers) Regulations
Telecommunications (Certificates of Competency for Ship Station Operators) Regulations
Telecommunications (Class Licences) Regulations
Telecommunications (Composition of Offences) Regulations 2005
Telecommunications (Dealers) Regulations
Telecommunications (Designated Business Trust) Notification 2017
Telecommunications (Designated Telecommunication Licensees) Notification 2012
Telecommunications (Designated Trust) Notification 2017
Telecommunications (Exemption from Sections 33, 34(1)(b) and 35) Notification
Telecommunications (Exemption of Resellers of Local Calls Operating Coinafons or Payphones) Notification 2007
Telecommunications (Internal Wiring) Regulations 2005
Telecommunications (Prescribed Transactions) Order 2012
Telecommunications (Prescribed Trusts) Regulations 2017
Telecommunications (Radio-communication) Regulations