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NO. 19]Wednesday, November 30 [1994

The following Act was passed by Parliament on 31st October 1994 and assented to by the President on 9th November 1994:—
Enlistment (Amendment) Act 1994

(No. 19 of 1994)

I assent.

9th November 1994.
Date of Commencement: 1st December 1994
An Act to amend the Enlistment Act (Chapter 93 of the 1992 Revised Edition), and to make consequential amendments to the Civil Defence Act (Chapter 42 of the 1985 Revised Edition) and the Income Tax Act (Chapter 134 of the 1994 Revised Edition).
Be it enacted by the President with the advice and consent of the Parliament of Singapore, as follows:
Short title and commencement
1.  This Act may be cited as the Enlistment (Amendment) Act 1994 and shall come into operation on such date as the Minister may, by notification in the Gazette, appoint.
Amendment of section 2
2.  Section 2 of the Enlistment Act is amended —
(a)by inserting, immediately after the definition of “national serviceman”, the following definition:
“ “operationally ready national service” means service pursuant to section 14;”; and
(b)by deleting the definition of “reserve service”.
Miscellaneous amendments
3.  The Enlistment Act is amended —
(a)by deleting the words “reserve service” wherever they appear in the following provisions and substituting in each case the words “operationally ready national service”:
Sections 13 (and marginal note), 14(1)(a) and (2), 15 (and marginal note), 16, 17, 21(1), 22(1) (16th line), 24(1) and (3) (2nd line and 7th line) and 34(2)(b)(i) (3rd and 4th lines);
(b)by deleting the words “Reserve service” in the marginal note to section 14 and substituting the words “Operationally ready national service”; and
(c)by deleting the word “reservist” in section 24(3)(a) and substituting the words “operationally ready national serviceman”.
Consequential amendments
4.  The Acts specified in the Schedule are amended in the manner provided in that Schedule.