Land Titles (Amendment) Ordinance

Bill No. 127/1961

Read the first time on 1st March 1961.
An Ordinance to amend the Land Titles Ordinance, 1956 (No. 21 of 1956).
Be it enacted by the Yang di-Pertuan Negara with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Singapore, as follows: —
Short Title
1.  This Ordinance may be cited as the Land Titles (Amendment) Ordinance, 1961.
New section 8A
2.  The Land Titles Ordinance, 1956, is hereby amended by inserting immediately after section 8 thereof the following new section: —
Application of section 8 where land surrendered to Crown but no grant or lease has been issued
8A.  Where on the date of the coming into operation of this Ordinance, land has been surrendered to the Crown for subdivision, pursuant to section 11 of the Crown Lands Ordinance (Cap. 244), but no fresh grant or lease has yet been issued, the provisions of section 8 of this Ordinance shall apply, subject to the following provisions: —
(a)upon the issue of a certificate of title pursuant to section 8 of this Ordinance, the Registrar shall endorse on the relevant folium of the land register a notification of any mortgage or other encumbrance to which the land is subject and of which he shall have notice at the time of issue of such certificate of title;
(b)notice of such subsisting mortgage or encumbrance shall be given in writing to the Registrar by any person claiming an interest in the said mortgage or encumbrance, and the Registrar shall not be deemed to have notice of such mortgage or encumbrance unless so notified;
(c)where the mortgagee under a mortgage notified pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section has sold the land or part thereof in exercise of his power of sale, the Registrar may on application of the purchaser or his successors in title register the applicant as the proprietor of such land.”.