Central Provident Fund (Amendment) Bill

Bill No. 16/1978

Read the first time on 22nd March 1978.
An Act to amend the Central Provident Fund Act (Chapter 121 of the Revised Edition).
Be it enacted by the President with the advice and consent of the Parliament of Singapore, as follows: —
Short title and commencement
1.  This Act may be cited as the Central Provident Fund (Amendment) Act, 1978, and shall come into operation on such date as the Minister may, by notification in the Gazette, appoint.
Amendment of section 29
2.  Subsection (1) of section 29 of the Central Provident Fund Act is hereby amended —
(a)by deleting the word “and” appearing at the end of paragraph (g) thereof;
(b)by deleting the full-stop appearing at the end of paragraph (h) thereof and substituting therefor the expression “; and”; and
(c)by inserting immediately after paragraph (h) thereof the following new paragraph: —
(i)to provide for members of the Fund to apply, assign or withdraw all or part of the contributions and interest standing to their credit in the Fund for the purpose of purchasing the stocks and shares of the Singapore Bus Service (1978) Limited, a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act (Cap. 185), subject to such conditions as the Minister may impose.”.