Services’ Lands Board (Repeal) Bill

Bill No. 29/1973

Read the first time on 11th July 1973.
An Act to transfer the assets and liabilities of the Services’ Lands Board to the Government of Singapore; and to repeal the Services’ Lands Board Act (Chapter 284 of the Revised Edition).
Be it enacted by the President with the advice and consent of the Parliament of Singapore, as follows: —
Short title and commencement
1.  This Act may be cited as the Services’ Lands Board (Repeal) Act, 1973, and shall be deemed to have come into operation on the 1st day of November 1971.
Transfer of assets and liabilities to the Government
2.—(1)  Upon the commencement of this Act, all lands, buildings and other property, movable and immovable, of the Services’ Lands Board constituted under the Services’ Lands Board Act (Cap. 284), including all debts, liabilities, obligations, assets, powers, rights, interests and privileges of the Board shall be transferred to and vest in the Government without further assurance or assignment.
(2)  Upon such transfer, all debts, liabilities and obligations in connection with or appertaining to such lands, buildings and other property shall also be transferred to and be deemed to have been incurred by the Government.
3.  The Services’ Lands Board Act (Cap. 284) is hereby repealed.