Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Bill

Bill No. 7/1983

Read the first time on 23rd March 1983.
An Act to establish a corporation for the construction and operation of a mass rapid transit system in Singapore, to assume the functions, assets and liabilities of the Provisional Mass Rapid Transit Authority, to repeal the Provisional Mass Rapid Transit Authority Act 1980 (No. 18 of 1980), and to make provisions for purposes connected therewith.
Be it enacted by the President with the advice and consent of the Parliament of Singapore, as follows:
Short title and commencement
1.  This Act may be cited as the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Act 1983 and shall come into operation on such date as the Minister may, by notification in the Gazette, appoint.
2.—(1)  In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires —
“Chairman” means the Chairman of the Corporation;
“claim” means a claim for compensation under section 34;
“claimant” means a person who has made a claim for compensation;
“Compensation Board” means the Railway Compensation Board established under section 39;
“Competent Authority” means the competent authority appointed under section 3 of the Planning Act (Cap. 279);
“Corporation” means the Mass Rapid Transit Corporation established under section 3;
“Deputy Chairman” means the Deputy Chairman of the Corporation;
“land” includes and may, where the context so requires, have any one or more of the following meanings separately:
(a)land of any tenure and so much of the airspace above the surface as may be reasonably used or enjoyed by any owner thereof, and all substances under the surface, whether or not held apart from the surface;
(b)the whole or part of any building or other erection or fixture on land;
(c)where an undivided share of a leasehold interest in land has appurtenant to it rights to the exclusive use and occupation of a building or part thereof on such land, such share in the land and all rights appurtenant thereto;
(d)any other estate, right, share or interest in land;
“Mass Rapid Transit System” means the rail-based transport system or any part thereof intended to be set up to meet the transport requirements of the public;
“member” means a member of the Corporation and includes the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman;
“mortgage” means a mortgage or charge registered under the Land Titles Act (Cap. 276) or the Registration of Deeds Act (Cap. 281);
“President” means the President of the Railway Compensation Board appointed under section 39;
“Provisional Authority” means the Provisional Mass Rapid Transit Authority established under section 3 of the Provisional Mass Rapid Transit Authority Act 1980 (Act 18 of 1980);
“railway” means the railway, tunnels, viaducts, bridges, crossings, stabling yards, depots, stations and other infrastructures intended to be constructed for the Mass Rapid Transit System and any extensions thereto;
“railway area” means the land delineated as such in plans and maps prepared pursuant to subsection (1) or (3) of section 24;
“Registrar of Deeds” means the Registrar of Deeds appointed under the Registration of Deeds Act;
“Registrar of Titles” means the Registrar of Titles appointed under the Land Titles Act.
(2)  In this Act, references to constructing the Mass Rapid Transit System shall be construed as references to undertaking every stage of the process beginning with its design and ending when it is brought into operation.