Administration of Muslim Law Act
(CHAPTER 3, Section 145(1))
Muslim Converts Rules
R 3
(25th March 1992)
[2nd February 1972]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Muslim Converts Rules.
2.  In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires, “saudara baru” means a person who is registered under rule 4(1) as one who wishes to be converted to the Muslim religion, and that person shall be so known until such time as he is granted a permanent conversion certificate as provided in rule 11(1).
Restrictions to conversion
3.—(1)  No person shall be converted to the Muslim religion except in accordance with these Rules.
(2)  No person under the age of 18 years shall be converted to the Muslim religion without the consent of his parents or guardian.
Registration Officer
4.—(1)  The Majlis shall appoint an officer to be called the Registration Officer who shall register any person who wishes to be converted to the Muslim religion.
(2)  The Registration Officer shall record in duplicate, in such form as the Majlis shall determine, the personal particulars of such person who shall declare his intention to be converted to the Muslim religion and shall sign his name in that form in the presence of two male adult Muslim witnesses and the Registration Officer, all of whom shall also sign that form.
Temporary conversion certificate
5.  Following registration under rule 4(2), the Registration Officer shall give the saudara baru a temporary conversion certificate in such form as may be approved by the Majlis.
Form to be forwarded to Secretary of Majlis
6.  The Registration Officer shall forward to the Secretary of the Majlis as soon as possible, but not later than one week following the registration, the form referred to in rule 4(2). A duplicate of such form shall be retained by the Registration Officer.
Course of instruction
7.  The Majlis shall provide for the benefit of the saudara baru a course on the fundamentals of the Muslim religion free of charge.
Oral test
8.  On completion of such course, the saudara baru may appear for an oral test to be conducted by an examiner to be appointed by the Majlis.
Time for oral test
9.  Every saudara baru may apply for an oral test not less than one month after the date of his registration under rule 4(1), but the test may be held earlier at the discretion of the Majlis.
Certificate of passing oral test
10.—(1)  The examiner shall certify in the temporary conversion certificate that a saudara baru has passed the oral test if that be the case and send a copy thereof to the Majlis. The saudara baru shall thereafter surrender the temporary conversion certificate to the Secretary of the Majlis.
(2)  Should the saudara baru fail the oral test, he shall be allowed to take the test as often as may be necessary.
Permanent conversion certificate
11.—(1)  A permanent conversion certificate signed by the President or the Secretary of the Majlis or the Mufti shall be issued to the saudara baru.
(2)  The Majlis shall keep a register of persons who have been granted permanent conversion certificates.
Change of name in identity card
12.  A person who has been granted a permanent conversion certificate may apply to the Commissioner of National Registration to have his name in his identity card changed on the production of the permanent conversion certificate issued under rule 11.