Air Navigation Act
(Chapter 6, Section 31)
Air Navigation (Regulated Air Cargo Agents) Order
O 8
G.N. No. S 185/2008

(31st March 2009)
[1st April 2008]
1.  This Order may be cited as the Air Navigation (Regulated Air Cargo Agents) Order.
2.—(1)  This Order shall apply to any cargo that is to be carried on any aircraft engaged in passenger commercial air transport operations departing from any airport in Singapore.
(2)  Unless the context otherwise requires, this Order shall not apply to any cargo carried on any military aircraft departing from any airport under the control of the Singapore Armed Forces.
3.  In this Order, unless the context otherwise requires —
“air cargo agent” means any person who —
(a)carries on the business of handling cargo intended for carriage on any passenger commercial aircraft; and
(b)delivers or causes to be delivered such cargo to an aircraft operator or its representative for carriage by such aircraft from any airport in Singapore to a destination outside Singapore;
“aircraft operator” has the same meaning as in the Air Navigation (Aviation Security) Order (O 5);
“airport” means an aerodrome;
“cargo” means any property carried or to be carried on an aircraft other than stores and accompanied or mishandled baggage;
“Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Police appointed under the Police Force Act (Cap. 235), or any police officer appointed by the Commissioner to act on his behalf;
“RACASP” means the Regulated Air Cargo Agent Security Programme which is a document prepared by an air cargo agent and submitted to the Commissioner under this Order and which —
(a)describes the security measures and procedures to be used by the air cargo agent in handling any consignment, including the manner in which it accepts, processes, stores and transports cargo;
(b)specifies the standards of security or protection provided by third-party service providers in handling the air cargo agent’s consignments;
(c)describes the security measures and procedures for screening consignments, where applicable; and
(d)complies with such requirements as the Commissioner may specify;
“regulated air cargo agent” means an air cargo agent who is registered under paragraph 6 and whose name appears in the List of Regulated Air Cargo Agents maintained by the Commissioner;
“screening” means the application of technical or other means which are intended to identify or detect weapons, explosives or other dangerous devices which may be used to commit an act of unlawful interference and includes any measure which is specified by the Commissioner under paragraph 7(3)(i) of the Air Navigation (Aviation Security) Order (O 5);
“stores” means any goods intended for sale or use on an aircraft, including spare parts and other articles of equipment, whether or not for immediate fitting;
“third-party service provider” means a service provider engaged by a regulated air cargo agent to assist in the handling or transportation of any cargo handed over to the regulated air cargo agent and includes any security service provider engaged to provide security services to the regulated air cargo agent.