Broadcasting Act
(CHAPTER 28, Section 60)
Broadcasting (Exemption) Order
O 1
G.N. No. S 307/1996

(29th February 2004)
[15th July 1996]
1.  The Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts has exempted in relation to the provision of the following services, any person who provides any of the following services from sections 8 and 9 of the Broadcasting Act:
(a)news wire services where the information is transmitted primarily for the purposes of news-gathering by broadcasting or newspaper companies;
(b)financial information services where the financial information is transmitted without commentary and without alteration or addition to its form;
(c)weather or traffic news services;
(d)close circuit television surveillance services that are —
(i)transmitted for reception within the confines of a single building, dwelling-house, hospital, educational institution, residential, commercial or industrial complex, or any single temporary or permanent structure; and
(ii)provided solely for the purpose of security surveillance;
(e)airline in-flight entertainment and information services that are provided on aircraft;
(f)computer on-line services other than computer on-line services subject to a class licence under the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification (N 1); or
(g)other licensable broadcasting services that are regulated or licensed by the Government, or a statutory authority, under any written law.
2.  The exemption under paragraph 1(f) includes computer on-line services provided, other than for business, political or religious purposes, by individual Internet Content Providers as defined in the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification (N 1).
[G.N. No. S 307/96]