Inquiry Commissions Ordinance
(CHAPTER 55, 1955 ED)
N 29
G.N. No. S 1057/1966

(25th March 1992)
[29th April 1966]
By Enche YUSOF BIN ISHAK, AL-HAJ, President of the Republic of Singapore.
President of the Republic of Singapore.
Whereas it is provided by the Inquiry Commissions Ordinance that it shall be lawful for the President of the Republic of Singapore whenever he shall deem it advisable to issue a Commission appointing one or more Commissioners to inquire inter alia into any matter in which an inquiry would, in the opinion of the President of the Republic of Singapore, be for the public welfare:
And whereas I am of the opinion that it is in the public welfare that an inquiry should forthwith be made by Commissioners so appointed in accordance with the following terms of reference:
(a)to consider and recommend the principles which should govern the emoluments and conditions of service of all monthly-rated officers in the Singapore Civil Service;
(b)in the light of such principles, to consider and recommend whether any changes are necessary in the salaries and salary scales of these officers, and the mode of conversion to any revised scale that may be recommended, bearing in mind the desirability of having as few salary scales as possible;
(c)in making its recommendations, the Commission shall take into account the financial and economic situation of the country; and
(d)the Commission should submit its Report to the Government of Singapore as expeditiously as is practicable.
Now, therefore, I, YUSOF BIN ISHAK, appoint the following persons, namely:
Mr. G. J. Harvey, O.B.E.;
Mr. Reginald Quahe; and
Mr. M. N. Menon,
to be Commissioners and hereby authorise the Commissioners to conduct such inquiry in the manner hereinafter directed:
1.  I direct that Mr. G. J. Harvey shall be Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry.
2.  I direct that the Commission shall normally hold its sittings at No. 6 Nassim Road, Singapore 10, but shall have power, in the discretion of the Chairman, to adjourn to any suitable place to hear evidence or for any other purpose connected with its duties.
3.  I direct that the Inquiry shall be held in camera.
4.  I appoint Mr. Chas. W. Meyer to be Secretary to the Commission and to exercise the powers conferred and to carry out the duties imposed upon such Secretary as are referred to in section 6 of the said Inquiry Commissions Ordinance, and I authorise the said Secretary to employ such clerical or other assistance for the purposes of the Inquiry as the Commission may require. In case of necessity I also authorise the Commission to appoint any suitable person temporarily to act as Secretary.
5.  I direct the Commissioner of Police to detail police constables to attend upon the Commission for the purpose of preserving order during the proceedings, to serve summonses on witnesses and to perform such duties as the Commission shall direct.
6.  Finally, I direct that the Commissioners shall after completing the Inquiry submit to me their report and recommendations thereon.
Given at Singapore this 28th day of April 1966.
By the President’s Command,