Conveyancing and Law of Property Act
(Chapter 61, Section 48(7))
Powers of Attorney (Scale of Fees) Rules
R 1
G.N. No. S 125/1988

(25th March 1992)
[1st June 1988]
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Powers of Attorney (Scale of Fees) Rules.
2.  The following fees shall be taken in the Registry of the Supreme Court:
(1) On depositing a power of attorney or a true or office copy thereof
(2) For copies or extracts from any deposited document per page —
(a)without certification
(b)with certification
(3) For examining and stamping or marking as an office copy a copy presented for that purpose of any deposited document —
(a)in the case of a photographic, xerox or carbon copy for each page
80 cents
(b)in any other case for each folio of 100 words
(4) For searching the index of deposited documents per name for each year
(5) For inspecting a deposited document