Executive Condominium Housing Scheme Act
(CHAPTER 99A, Section 4)
Executive Condominium Housing Scheme (Appointment of Developers) (Consolidation) Notification
N 2
G.N. No. S 327/1997

(1st January 1999)
1.  This Notification may be cited as the Executive Condominium Housing Scheme (Appointment of Developers) (Consolidation) Notification.
Appointment of developer and specification of land to be developed
2.—(1)  The Minister has appointed the developers set out in the first column of the First Schedule to develop, under the executive condominium scheme, the parcels of land specified in the second column thereof and to sell the housing accommodation so developed.
(2)  For the purposes of the First Schedule —
(a)“Plan” means a plan set out in the Second Schedule; and
(b)a plan referred to by a number means the plan so numbered in the Second Schedule.