Films Act
(CHAPTER 107, Section 41)
Films (Classification) (Fees) Regulations
Rg 3
G.N. No. S 269/1991

(1st July 1999)
[1st July 1991]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Films (Classification) (Fees) Regulations.
2.  In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires —
“exhibition” includes the production of any music, speech, noise, or other sound which accompanies the projection of a film and “ exhibit” shall be construed accordingly;
“exhibition point” means a place where films are exhibited.
Fee for licence in respect of exhibition point
3.—(1)  The fee payable for a licence granted under section 7 of the Act, in respect of each exhibition point exhibiting films classified under section 16 of the Act as “R(A)” or “NC-16” category films, shall be as follows:
(a)$125 for each period not exceeding 4 weeks; or
(b)$750 for each period exceeding 4 weeks but not exceeding one year.
(2)  The Minister may reduce, waive or refund the fee payable under paragraph (1) in any particular case or class of cases.
Cash deposit or bank guarantee required before granting licence
4.  The Licensing Officer may, before granting a licence, require the applicant to give a cash deposit or a bank guarantee of not more than $20,000 for each exhibition point.
Security for due performance of certificate conditions
5.  The Board may, when issuing the certificate approving the exhibition of any classified film, require the owner of the film to give a cash deposit or a bank guarantee of $5,000 for the due performance of all or any of the conditions imposed in the certificate in respect of that film.
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