Free Trade Zones Act
(CHAPTER 114, Section 24(1))
Free Trade Zones Regulations
Rg 1
G.N. No. S 209/1969

(31st January 2000)
[1st September 1969]
1.  These Regulations may be cited as the Free Trade Zones Regulations.
Security in free trade zone
2.  The authority of a free trade zone shall —
(a)cause to be erected and maintained a perimeter fence or wall along the boundary of the zone with provision for suitable gates to be approved by the Director-General;
(b)cause the fence or wall and the gates to be illuminated to the satisfaction of the Director-General during such hours as the Director-General may consider necessary; and
(c)comply with any other directions given by the Director-General to prevent unauthorised persons or goods from entering or leaving the zone.
Offices and examination stations
3.  The authority of a free trade zone shall provide facilities to the Director-General for the establishment of offices or examination stations within the zone.
No unlawful building or structure
4.  No building or structure shall be erected within a free trade zone less than 6 metres from the perimeter of the zone, except with the prior written permission of the Director-General.
Dutiable goods not to be transferred
5.—(1)  No person shall transfer dutiable goods from one free trade zone to another except with the prior written permission of the proper officer of customs.
(2)  Any person wishing to obtain such written permission shall submit a declaration in such form as may be prescribed by the Director-General.
(3)  In granting any permission under this regulation, the proper officer of customs may impose such conditions as he thinks fit.
Proper records to be maintained
6.—(1)  Any person permitted under section 6 of the Act by the Director-General to assemble, mix or manipulate any goods within a free trade zone shall maintain full and proper records of the permitted operations containing such particulars as may be required by the Director-General.
(2)  Such records shall, on demand by a senior officer of customs, be produced for inspection.
7.—(1)  No person shall enter or leave a free trade zone except with the permission of the authority of that zone.
(2)  The person granted the permission shall comply with such directions as may be given by the authority.
[G.N. Nos. S 209/69; S 269/71]